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Jikoni’s New Series Helps Home Cooks Take Great Food Photos With Their Phones

What’s better than Jikoni’s founder Kiano Moju giving all her tips and tricks for shooting food in your own home? How about the help of professional food stylists like Danielle Campbell, Megan Hysaw, Marshall Brett Long, and Nick Torres too?! Jikoni’s new show: Plate To Post, is here to give the average home cook all the arsenal needed to take incredible food pics from the comfort of their own kitchen, with each episode focusing on some of THE MOST difficult foods to shoot, like cookies, layered cakes, brown stews, and much more!

We’ve all been there: you’ve just whipped together the most delicious home-cooked meal of the week, just to get out your phone and not know how to turn the beige-looking meal into an Insta-worthy food pic. In today’s era of sharing photos and videos online, we all want to feel proud of our culinary creations, especially if we can capture that pride in the moment of making the dish!

Jikoni’s new digital series, Plate To Post: A Home Cook’s Guide To Food Photography, will help you turn those pics of often unphotogenic treats and home-cooked meals into content you can’t wait to share - getting you results you love so fast the food will still be warm!

Keepin’ It Simple

Food content creation shouldn’t be daunting. Our team at Jikoni Studios, having created videos for some of the top food media brands in the world, wants to share all the tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years. With access to the industry’s best experts and all their “off-duty tips” they use in their own kitchens, photographing your food at home has never been easier!

There’s a saying that goes: “The best camera is the camera you have.” For most people, that’s probably the small electronic device in your pocket: your mobile phone! We believe anyone with a camera and WiFi connection can make great cooking content, so we’ve made our show for all levels of photography. Use what you have, because that’s all you need!

Episode 1: How To Photograph Cookies

Our first episode of Plate To Post, which you can watch right here, covers everything you need to know about taking photos of your cookies. People often struggle with taking photos of their food, simply because they haven’t been taught how - especially as each dish can have its own unique challenges for shooting! This episode will give you everything from finding the best place to shoot in your home to how to position your monochromatic and flat treats into a much more appealing shot.

Episode 1 is hosted by Jikoni’s founder Kiano Moju, who’s one smart cookie when it comes to photographing one of her favorite gooey treats. She shares all her secrets on how to get your cookie pics looking so good you can almost smell them, while dispelling the myths around hard-to-shoot foods. With cookies being a common entry point when home cooks get into baking, why wouldn’t we choose these sugary beauties for our first episode?

Where Can I Watch It?

The 5-episode series will air every Thursday across all Jikoni Studios social channels and our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to turn on notifications on our socials and get notified as soon as each episode airs!

What tips and tricks do you have for leveling up your food photography game? Share them with us on our socials, and tag us with #MyJikoni to join our growing community of recipe creators!


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