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Make Your Soupy Stew Photos Beautiful With This Professional Food Stylist's Tips

Have you been keeping up with Jikoni’s new digital series, Plate to Post? For the low-down on brown stews, check out episode five, now live on all our social channels!

Now on the chopping block: how to shoot brown stews, hosted by our comfort food queen, Danielle Campbell! As a food stylist and LA-based chef, Danielle is the industry expert in all things brown stews. Known for her work in the Los Angeles Times, Cravings, Harmless Harvest, and Tastemade, Danielle is the master of making her photos pop even when the subject is brown, flat, and saucy.

She shares all her tips for turning this often unidentifiable mixture into a beautiful showcase of ingredients. This is THE go-to resource for when you’ve just spent hours simmering the liquid gold of the century and need some quick inspo for snapping that glossy sauce before dinnertime!

Show everyone just how warming and delicious your stew actually is, and watch the season finale NOW to hear all of Danielle’s “off duty” tips for shooting stews at home!

What tips and tricks do you have for leveling up your food photography game? Share them with us on our socials, and tag us with #MyJikoni to join our growing community of recipe creators!


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