About Jikoni Studios

Kiano Moju, Founder & CEO

Jikoni [Swahili] noun: kitchen

In Swahili, Jikoni means kitchen. At our core, that’s what we are.

A space to cook, to share, and to create.


Who We Are


Jikoni Studios is located in one of Los Angeles' top upcoming creative hubs, the Arts District. Near the Hauser & Wirth Gallery, Jikoni Studios is in the heart of Downtown LA, minutes from Little Tokyo and surrounded by some of LA's most prized historical landmarks.

We are social video experts, curating a space for ourselves and others to create high-quality cooking content, made by cooks, for cooks. Jikoni Studios is a one-stop-shop from ideation to creation. With our extensive background in mobile-forward vertical cooking content, our studios are purpose-built to give you a stress-free & fully customizable production experience.

Alongside our video production services, our studios are a rentable & functional compound of kitchen workspaces fully equipped for creating top-notch food, cooking, and recipe content, and hosting a variety of private events. 


Our Work


​At our core, we are a social content studio specializing in vertical educational cooking videos, and Jikoni Studios houses all of the necessary elements to bring culinary education and entertainment to life. 

With more people turning to social media to find what to cook for dinner, we strictly produce education-focused cooking content, giving our audience a resource to utilize in the kitchen while still entertaining them. We extensively study the niche of vertical recipe content, creating a streamlined workflow that can keep up with the fast-paced demands of social video production.


Each project is fully optimized for social platforms, and brings specialized content to the forefront of a global audience. 


Our Studios

Our collection of 2 aesthetically independent sets with 3 fully functional kitchens provide unique canvases for infinite concepts and creations of food visual art. Constructed with the creator and crew in mind, our sets have ample space, mobile walls, neutral surfaces, removable backsplashes, and an entirely adaptable ambiance. 

The sets are inspired by the homely and grand aesthetics of English townhouses, evoking a sense of expertise and reliability in all our work. Studio features include all-day natural light & weathered exposed brick walls, and every rental at Jikoni Studios also comes with full access to our props and cookware collection. 

From tabletop props for beauty shots, to pots and pans for functional recipe videos, our props and cookware collection has been carefully selected to provide your next project with ample choice and functionality. 

How We Started 

Jikoni Studios was founded in November 2019 by former Buzzfeed's Tasty Producer, Kiano Moju. Her diverse team of experts specialize in consulting, culinary producing, food styling, and the production mobile-forward recipe content. 

Kiano Moju is a Los Angeles-based culinary producer and on-screen personality. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University, and a Master of Arts in Publishing from University of the Arts London.

After learning the ropes of studio production in London, she joined Buzzfeed's food video vertical, Tasty, where she produced viral successes such as Party Rice Around Africa,  How to Make Moist Carrot CakeMaking Rainbow Croissants, and Making a 4 Flavor Cheesecake.


In 2019, Kiano departed BuzzFeed and launched Jikoni Media. 


What Else Do We Do? 

In May 2020, we soft-launched our online food community site, Jikoni.co, to create space for Black and under-represented voices in food media to tell their own stories, highlighting the food of the African diaspora through editorial content and events.​

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