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Kiano Moju, founder and CEO of Jikoni Studios, is a Los Angeles-based culinary producer and on-screen personality.


With a background in digital media, food, and prop & kitchen set design, Kiano is available for production support – both remote or in-person – including:

  • Food Media Workshops

  • Culinary Producer Roles

  • Food & Prop Stylist Roles 

Culinary Producer


They are your go-to food expert on-set, the department head that leads the culinary team, and are a great addition to your production team for video projects & talent-hosted content.

  • Script writing (provide talking points for the host, key tips for prep, historical or fun facts about the dish)

  • Annotate recipes to indicate when cooking swaps will occur, culinary notes, etc.

  • Cross test the recipes to ensure the feasibility of dishes for on-camera preparation and make any adjustments as needed

  • Manage all culinary staff

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Food Stylist


A key member of the culinary team, but in smaller shoots, they may work alone with direction coming from the overall producer. They are the off-screen hands in the preparation of food, or can also be the on-screen hands for cooking shots or product handling.


  • Culinary hand model 

  • Off-camera food preparer 

  • If you're shooting a hands-only video and need a hand model that knows how to naturally prepare food, a food stylist is your go-to 

  • Sourcing of all ingredients and necessary cookware

  • Prepare/pre-measure ingredients and swap-outs to ensure your shoot moves at a quick-upbeat pace

  • Style 'hero’ and talent cooked dishes for food beauty shots


Please note: Ingredients, props & manicure expenses are not included 

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"Kiano is efficient, creative, and very adaptable in an ever-changing environment. She went above and beyond to make the project successful and reach our goals. We would definitely love to work with Kiano again."

Alexa Thompson

Producer Refinery29

"When working with a culinary producer, it’s always a goal to create food that tastes good, but Kiano did so much more. She brought thoughtfulness about the people who’d be making her dishes, a compassion for the cultures she drew from, and a determination to break through the quirky obstacles that pop up with new foods — plus, the food was super delicious."

"Working with Jikoni Studios elevated the quality of our work exponentially. There is truly no better food content studio in Los Angeles, Kiano makes shooting a snap!"

Suki-Rose Simakis

CEO Spooky Kind Inc.

Alex Lau

Producer OZY Media

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