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The 3 Best Angles To Shoot Your Mouth-Watering Food Content

When shooting your food, framing the image with the right angle is just as important as the plate itself. Check out our top 3 food pic angles below!


Also known as the flat lay, shooting overhead is your best option for wide and short dishes, with not too much height and an emphasis on the toppings. Overhead gives you a clear and simple image, and unless there are layers to your dish that need highlighting (like a burger, sandwich, or cake), you can use this angle for virtually any food pic!


For your tall edible subjects or short subjects with garnishes on them (think: sticky toffee pudding with a mint sprig), this is your ideal angle. You can also create depth in your photo by adding items like utensils or other dishes in the background and positioning them further from the camera than your subject.


This angle is your go-to for all things layers! Burgers, trifles, cakes, and sandwiches are all foods that can have every juicy layer captured with an eye-level shot. Bonus tip: make sure your light source is behind you for eye-level shots to highlight the color and texture of each layer!

Got any more tips for ways to shoot food? Share them with us on our socials, and use the hashtag #MyJikoni to showcase your skills and join our growing community of home cooks!


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