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Shooting Cooking Videos By Yourself? Here's 3 Household Hacks You'll Need!

Shooting cooking videos by yourself? Sometimes the best hands-free phone mounts are already in your home - here are three household hacks you’ll need!

“Affordable” and “phone mounts” aren’t often seen in the same sentence when shopping online for the latest gadgets. Thankfully, our team at Jikoni HQ has been hard at work finding the best household objects you can use as substitutes in a pinch. Watch the video below to find out more, and be sure to tag us with #MyJikoni if you use any!


Household item: Edge of a shelf

Need a hands-free top-down shot? Try lying your phone flat just over the edge of a shelf or the inside of a cupboard for a makeshift flat lay shot. Just make sure it’s properly balanced, otherwise you’ll get a very interesting shot from it falling into your mixing bowl!


Household item: Medium Binder clips

Need a side-angle shot? Medium binder clips are a great size and shape for clipping onto the bottom of your phone to use as a low-angle stand! If you want to shoot in landscape, try using two binder clips if they’re only an inch wide, or one long clip if you have it.


Household item: Tennis ball inside a glass

Pop a tennis ball inside a glass for the perfect makeshift mount! Just cut a slit in the ball wide enough to slot your phone in, and now you’ve got a hands-free upright position to shoot content in. This hack is great for when you want to be the presenter or host in your video, as you can stick your setup on some stacked cookbooks to get the perfect height every time!

Have your own household hacks for phone mounts? Let us know what you shoot with on our socials, and use the hashtag #MyJikoni to showcase your skills and join our growing community of home cooks!


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