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This Pro Food Stylist’s Tips Take The Cake on How to Get the Best Food Photos of Your Layered Cake!

Episode 4 of Plate to Post covers your layered cake and all the ways to get the best food pics from it. The icing on the cake - we’ve got Brett Long as our host and food stylist pro!

The culinary producer and commercial food stylist has worked for the Los Angeles Times, Burger King, Gucci, Canadian chef Matty Matheson, music producer Benny Blanco, and other big-name brands for years, as well as founding The Culinary Department, a full-service culinary production team.

With layer upon layer, cakes that are stacked high can often be difficult to shoot. Brett’s number one tip is to not go too far out of your comfort zone when making your cake, so you are not overwhelmed or unhappy with your creation. Visible and even layers are the foundational step to taking great photos of your layered cakes! Following that step, Brett covers everything from shooting angles to setting the scene, so tune in now to get all the tips you need for mouth-watering cake pics.

Cakes play a significant role in our celebrations, events and family gatherings, so be sure to document those memories using Brett’s piece of cake tips NOW! Don’t forget to tag us in your tiered masterpieces with #MyJikoni so we can be your personal culinary cheerleaders!

What tips and tricks do you have for leveling up your food photography game? Share them with us on our socials, and tag us with #MyJikoni to join our growing community of recipe creators!


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