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What’s Better Than Food Pics? Food Pics With YOU in Them!

Whether you’re camera-shy or hungry for the limelight, here are our four ways to pose with your food while cooking and after!

Including yourself in your delicious food pics not only showcases how attractive the recipe author is but sets your food photos apart from others. The difference in making your dish more unique is showing the creator behind the recipe. Plus, it makes your recipe more trustworthy. Try out our top four ways to pose below, and be sure to tag us with #MyJikoni and let us know what your favorite is!


If you’re struggling to know what to do with yourself in your food photos, an action shot is your best bet. Catch a #foodporn moment while also showing the viewer that you do cook your recipes, a surefire way of encouraging people also to try it out!


If you don’t want your face in the image, throw on your favorite outfit - the shy cook is the go-to pose. It’s perfect for when you have details in your dish you want to focus on, as your camera can get up close and personal with your dish. Plus, it has the bonus of showcasing how insane you are at hand modeling!


What’s better than posing with food? Eating the food, of course! Show your viewers how much you love what you’ve made by snapping a few pics at the table - especially if there’s a last-minute garnish you can add to your masterpiece.


The perfect welcome-to-my-home pose: the doorway shot! Recreate that love-at-first-sight feeling as a dish leaves the kitchen with this pose, and use the doorway to perfectly frame both you and your dish. The doorframe is also great for holding you up if your plate is piled high with good-looking grub!

What are your favorite ways to pose with your food? Let us know on our socials, and tag us with #MyJikoni to join our growing community of recipe creators!

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