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Food Styling By Experts – Our 5 Food Photography Tips From Plate to Post

Yes, food styling is a job!

In our latest series, Plate to Post, five professional food stylists guide you step-by-step, sharing all their tips to help you take the best photos of some of the most challenging homemade dishes: cookies, brown stews, barbecue, rice, and layer cakes.

Check out our 5 favorite tips from the season below, and tune into our socials to catch the full episodes.

1. Make the food ‘pop’ with some contrast

When taking photos of food, it can be tempting to stick to the same colors and palettes that you’re already using with your food subject. But Kiano Moju’s top tip for photographing your cookies is to not be afraid of contrasting the backdrop to your subject, as it will make the food pop on a new level – check out her episode to see how she does it!

Kiano Moju, Founder of Jikoni Studios

2. Make your family plate taste just as good as it looks

Nick Torres shares his industry secrets for photographing your barbecue meats at home, great for getting those final product shots straight off the grill. Watch Nick’s episode of Plate to Post to see what he adds to his barbecue plates to make those photos and forkfuls equally mouthwatering.

Nick Torres, Food Stylist & Photographer

3. Prep before you're ready to shoot

In episode 3 of Plate to Post, Megan Hysaw is here to share all her tips for photographing rice dishes, so you’re ready to take those food pics as soon as the pot comes off the hob. Get all her tips in the full episode, and be sure to tag us if you use her plating trick!

Megan Hysaw, Food Stylist

4. Use this specific prop in your layer cake pics

Marshall Brett Long contributes his best tips for photographing your layer cakes straight from your kitchen, and has a game-changing recommendation for a specific prop to include in your pics. Watch it here if you missed it, and share your results with #MyJikoni!

Marshall Brett Long, Food Stylist

5. Sometimes less is more

In the season finale of Plate to Post, we’ve got Danielle Campbell on the scene for our most requested episode topic: brown stews. She gives expert advice on what to do when your stew looks a bit too soupy in front of the camera, and you can catch all her tips in the final episode right here.

Danielle Campbell, Food Stylist & LA-based Chef

If you missed an episode, watch the full season playlist here, and be sure to follow us on our socials to get more food photography and styling tips from the industry experts.


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