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Excerpt: Where Are We Publishing Recipes in 2023?

With social media platforms constantly changing their algorithms, and the evolution of subscription content online, where will digital creators be publishing recipes in 2023? We review the main publishing formats currently in use, and what we hope to see in the new year.

Social Media Platforms

Examples: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter

A creator crushing it: Esteban Castillo from @chicanoeats

What We Love: As social media users are more active online than ever before, the easiest way to establish a community is through organic growth on free-to-access platforms. They also provide huge opportunity for your page to be discovered by brands and collaborators, and their intuitive designs are great for first-timers on the platform.

Challenges: Algorithms are constantly changing, and creators are always kept on their toes; one simple algorithm adjustment can render a previously successful video or photo format obsolete. Photographers were enraged at Instagram’s public shift from photo sharing to video sharing, prompting creators to find ways around the video-forward algorithm, like @northborders did in this photo sharing hack.

But Where Can It Improve?

Read the full article for free on Medium, Where Are We Publishing Recipes in 2023?

An image of a woman holding her phone, interacting with it after taking an image of the food in front of her
Photo by Jikoni Studios


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