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Are Your #FoodPorn Moments Ruined By Bad Camera Focus?

Food in motion can be tricky to film, especially when your camera focus isn't properly set. Use our reverse trick to nail that winning shot every time!

Ideal for all the ways you shoot your cooking videos, our team at Jikoni Studios has used this trick for years and can’t wait to share it. With only four simple steps, you can use this trick to play with focus, light, and most importantly: the food!

Start with the food close to the camera

Don’t forget that you’ll be reversing whatever clip you film, so work backward to how you want your clip to look. Start with the food close to the camera, and make sure there’s something in the background like a plate or tray to keep it interesting!

Press and hold to lock the camera focus and exposure

Most phones use auto exposure and autofocus when shooting. To keep the phone from changing settings during your video, tap and hold the screen where your subject focuses on it, and a yellow box will appear with AE/AF LOCK at the top. To the right of the AE/AF box is a sun, and you can drag this up or down to adjust the exposure.

Record and move food away from the camera

Now your shot is ready to be filmed! Hit the record button, and move the food away from your camera. You’ll see it go out of focus, which is exactly what you want.

Reverse the clip

Finally, go into whatever editing software you use for your videos, and press the reverse button. Wait for the magic to happen, and don’t forget to watch it back for any changes you want to make before exporting.

Have you tried this tip, or have you got any more hacks for shooting food videos? Share them with us on our socials, and use the hashtag #MyJikoni to showcase your skills and join our growing community of recipe creators!


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