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3 Staff Favorite Phone Mounts for Shooting Cooking Videos That Won’t Break the Bank

“Affordable” and “phone mounts” aren’t often seen together when shopping online for the latest gadgets. Thankfully, our team at Jikoni HQ has been hard at work finding affordable phone mounts that actually work, as well as some accessories you can turn into creative hacks! Watch the video to find out more, and be sure to tag us with #MyJikoni if you use any!


Affordable gadget: Gooseneck phone mount

Gooseneck phone mounts are a great affordable gadget that can be moved into almost any shooting position! These are perfect for tricky angles like top down or flat lay shots, or they can be clipped onto any ledge so you can film hands-free.


Affordable gadget: PopSocket

You may use a PopSocket to keep a grip on your phone day-to-day, but did you know it can double as a stand for pesky side-angle shots? As a bonus, when you don’t want to film, they are easily removable and re-attachable (as long as the adhesive stays sticky - but you can replace that if needed). If you don’t shoot often, try sticking one to the back of an old phone case that you can pop on whenever you want to shoot!


Affordable gadget: Mini phone tripod

Mini phone tripods are a great accessory for mounting your phone, while not being too pricey. You can elevate the angle you want to shoot at by putting your setup on a stack of books, and they are also sturdy mounts, so pressing the stop / start button on your screen won’t shake your camera if you’re gentle!

Have you tried any of these accessories, or have your own tips and tricks for shooting food videos? Share them with us on our socials, and use the hashtag #MyJikoni to showcase your skills and join our growing community of recipe creators!


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