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Current Openings



Jikoni Studios is looking for passionate, fun, and knowledgeable cooks to lead cooking classes. Group classes of up to 16 students will take place over the week starting June '23. The Jikoni Staff will collaborate with instructors to refine their class themes and lesson plans. 

Celebrating international cuisines, both traditional and modern, Jikoni Studios leads approachable & informal homestyle cooking experiences, bringing overlooked new foods and cuisines into the home kitchen for everyone to enjoy.


The goal of our classes is to create a social communal space where people get a hands-on opportunity to experience culture through food while making new friends. The classes are meant to be casual and laid back in tone. This isn’t cooking school - its just a kitchen, so let's have fun!


Instructor fee based on class attendance, so you'll be paid per student not hourly.

To apply, please fill out this questionnaire

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