Instructional Recipe Videos

A quick & concise hands-only recipe video that audiences can follow while in the kitchen. Can be filmed from overhead on a backdrop of your choice, or in a real kitchen for a more lifestyle-focused video.

cookies hands only recipe video production example _ Jikoni Studios.jpg

Format Details

  • Top-down recipe style

  • Hands-only

  • Concise & quick; usually under 90 seconds 

  • Customizable backdrops

  • Instructional on-screen measurements

Standard Deliverables 

  • 16x9 video & 9x16 video

  • Textless exports for both videos 

  • Music not included  

  • 2 thumbnail photo options 

Case Studies

Live Kindly

  • YouTube embedded video

Client: Tastemade

Talk about the services we provided;

Client wanted international recipes, brainstormed & sourced recipe developers to conceptualize the dishes. 

  • Recipe development

  • Art direction (?)

  • Video production

  • Video editing 

Conchas (Mexican Pan Dulce) for Tastemade

Hallmark x Boar's Head

  • Brand spot for Hallmark, tasked with bringing one of their popular website recipes to life with a video

  • Positioned for the holidays, appropriate set decor 

Conchas (Mexican Pan Dulce) for Tastemade