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Each studio is equipped with a cookware cart. Any props, cookware & gear extras can be checked out from the Props & Gear room in the Daylight Studio


Our curated collection of props and cookware has been carefully selected by the Studios Team, hand-picked from local artisan ceramicists, international cookware merchants, and individual craftsmen while traveling abroad.

Please Note: Sets do NOT come pre-dressed. 

Our self-service studio offers a one-hour props and cookware checkout window at the start of your rental, and additional prop checkouts incur an add-on site representative fee, mandatory for rental crews exceeding 15 members.


Props, production gear & studio equipment inventories are shared between all studios, so some items may not be available on the day of your shoot.

daylight LA kitchen studio set props cookware _ Jikoni Studios.jpg

Cookware Cart


  • Measuring & prep tools 

  • Stovetop & ovenware essentials 

  • Countertop appliances 

  • Cooking essentials 

  • Bowls 

Props & Cookware


  • Full access charge included in every booking 

  • High-quality cookware

  • Fully-functional appliances 

  • Tabletop linens & props

  • Set decor

Included in Your Booking

  • Production essentials 

  • Folding tables & chairs

  • Glam & wardrobe essentials 

Production Grip Gear

  • Individually priced in the production gear catalog

  • Grip gear

  • Lighting gear

  • Apple boxes

  • Clamps

  • C stands

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